War of the Chosen Launch

It’s launch day for XCOM 2: War of the Chosen and I couldn’t be more proud of the XCOM team at Firaxis! Among glowing reviews/scores, it’s a joy to have been a part of such a talented group to create something that many fans are already calling ‘special’. My contribution was seven vehicles that help to set the tone in the derelict Abandoned Cities.


The art dump will be coordinated for sharing in the near future!



Lost and Abandoned Reveal

This week Garth DeAngelis and Jake Solomon livestreamed Lost and Abandoned, a reveal of a narrative mission that is part of the XCOM2: War of the Chosen expansion. I modeled and textured a few vehicles that appear in the lost cities which made this event all the more special for me.


Besides having worked w Firaxis before, I’m also a longtime XCOM fan. Excited to try out new tactics and the bonding system!

Compact, Police car, and Ambulance


Flatbed truck and a poster from the new Photobooth feature
tfw a pod of 8 enemies spawns in your work
no contributions of mine, but [37:37] shows a cool overwatch scene w foggy flashlights