Inktober: Week 1

Inktober is an annual event about using ink to create art every day of October, started in 2009 by Jake Parker. There are some official rules now but generally it’s about committing to your choices without the aid of “undo” and improving as an artist.

I like drawing but regrettably haven’t put much real practice in so this year I’d like to participate. My focus is making more efficient design decisions and communicating ideas better with improved 2d skills. Keeping the scope of each drawing achievable and trying to aim for drawings/studies that’ll improve various fundamentals.

Week 1-

“Poison” Getting my bearings, trying a few new tricks like shading dark surfaces with an xacto knife. That didn’t work well, messed up a lot of perspective and butchered the knurling
“Underwater” Reduced the scope and focused on shading, distortion, and clean lines. Actually quite happy with this one but I forgot the underwater part of the fishing line
“Long” Wanted to create a design and practice foreshortening. Was happy at how I established a nice composition early. Improved perspective but weak shading and poof
“Sword” Focus on shading and texturing while trying to accurately convey a spin on the theme
“Shy” Practicing subtlety in shading and communicating the theme. Felt good about preventing a disaster by taping down the paper still-life modelĀ 

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