Jigabachi Retopo Complete

I’ve not abandoned my GITS helicopter model. Not in the slightest. Between work, the constant job-hunt that is freelance, a three year old, and a moving process that’s just been finished thankfully, I’ve had to chip away at this. A few hours every week has been arduous but consistent. Not much to show off at any rate.

However retopo is finished. Now begins unwrap and baking. Which sounds like another drag but I’ll take UVs over retopo any day.


I’ll do periodic bake tests as I go to get a handle on the ideal way to break up the maps. Should be more to share that way too.


War of the Chosen Launch

It’s launch day for XCOM 2: War of the Chosen and I couldn’t be more proud of the XCOM team at Firaxis! Among glowing reviews/scores, it’s a joy to have been a part of such a talented group to create something that many fans are already calling ‘special’. My contribution was seven vehicles that help to set the tone in the derelict Abandoned Cities.


The art dump will be coordinated for sharing in the near future!