Irucan: MegaMan V

I wanted to try an enemy that’s softer with lots of curvature. And attitude. curvature and attitude.

I really enjoy making these little toons and working with these classic designs that I grew up with is a uniquely rewarding process. I use to dump countless nights into MegaMan dreaming of being able to work on games. And now here I am, farting around recreating baddies in my free time. Life is good.



Another MegaMan Baddie

Freelance and family life keeps me busy these days, but I’ve made some time to try out new features in the Hard Mesh 2.07 beta, which the guys at Pux 3D were kind enough to pass along. Having fun working a new enemy! A few choice updates have made a huge difference in how I use the plugin and I’m excited about the possibilities.

Anywho, evil robot dolphin wip.