Jigabachi Detail Shots

I spent time modeling some components that’ll rarely be seen. It’s arguable that I shouldn’t have modeled half of it, and not spent so much time on the other half. Nevertheless, it is modeled, and here it is.




Jigabachi AV – High Poly

I modeled the Jigabachi AV helicopter drone from Ghost in the Shell, Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG. The rest of the progress can be viewed on my polycount thread.

I used maya to model everything with a boolean and support edge-heavy workflow. This project was intended to improve high level traditional subd skills. I now feel confident to move onto quicker non-destructive methods to improve speed without fear of building bad habits into modeling fundamentals.


New Year, New Strategy

Taking new years resolutions seriously, I use them as an annual marker of growth and reorientation. 2016 was spent expanding core competencies. Specifically high level subdivision modeling, PBR/Substance pipelines, vehicles, and speed. It was important to broaden my value as a hard surface artist by solidifying the technical foundations in my skillset.


2017 is about efficiency. I want to get more done in less time. To make better decisions that create better results sooner. With core competencies in a good place, the time is right to trust my abilities and crank up productivity. This’ll be accomplished a variety of ways, none of which I’ll go into just yet. It’s a huge subject with several factors.

Most importantly, it accomplishes nothing to outline everything now. I plan to let results speak for themselves. Then perhaps an explanation would have intrinsic value.


The old blog was destroyed when the transition was made from private hosting to Artstation. I have since decided to start a new blog for personal art, writing, and who knows what else. The idea is to have somewhere for expression. Social media used to be about expression but it seemingly grew into the primarily center of self-promotion, snark, and posturing. Or maybe it’s always been that way and I’ve just changed. At any rate, now we’re here.

Focus will be succinct communication. No word salad, no walls of text, no bullshit. Just me being me talking about the things I create, the things I perceive, and what I spend all day cooped up thinking about. Maybe it’ll be therapeutic. Maybe it’ll be useful to others. Maybe not. I don’t care, really. No one reads the intro post anyways, heh.